LHY Etiquette Consultancy

LHY Etiquette Consultancy Limited is both a Hong Kong and mainland China registered company, providing training, food & beverage Consulting, and branding exposure.

Our corporate etiquette training uses food and beverage as a conduit to allow participants to better understand different cultures that they may come across at work, in social gatherings, or travels. Coupling with the food and beverage theme, we also provide Consulting and marketing services for international food & beverage companies wishing to establish their presence and brand awareness. Our reach is by using the above corporate trainings, lifestyle seminars, and targeted events to capture a niche market of middle class, white-collar, Chinese consumers that have disposable income to appreciate an increasing sophisticated lifestyle.

Our communication platform centers on using social media, television, internet video streaming portals, as well as printed media, the four pillars of consumer communication tools in China, in order to diffuse targeted and branded messages for our clients.

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